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AlphalinerHP – for Rehabilitation in Sensitive Areas with Strict Security Requirements

Areas of application: municipality / industry

AlphalinerHP – For rehabilitation in sensitive areas with strict security requirements

The UV -curing CIPP liner AlphalinerHP was developed for:

  • Groundwater protection zones II and III
  • Rehabilitation projects with particularly defined test requirements
  • High-intensity traffic zones
  • Development areas / marshlands/ areas of mining subsidence

Particularly strict requirements are placed on the sewer rehabilitation solutions: Prohibiting groundwater contamination during the rehabilitation measure as well as more demanding and extensive requirements concerning leakage. The CIPP liner AlphalinerHP fulfils these high requirements.

Patented resin-rich double wall

The AlphalinerHP features a special, unique sandwich construction. The resin-rich inner layer and the static load-bearing part consisting of the glass fibre-reinforcement are completed by a patented, extremely resin-rich back wall. While conventional hose liners have nothing but an outer foil on the back wall, this resin-rich double wall offers additional security when there are particularly strict requirements against infiltration and exfiltration.

The following variants are offered:

  • Alphaliner500G-HP
  • Alphaliner1800H-HP

We would be happy to send you the specifications valid for your demands.

A short email is sufficient. Please indicate the intended application area in which you want to use the AlphalinerHP.

Alphaliner Brochure

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