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Alphaliner Technology Sets New Standards

UV light curing of GRP pipe liners has established itself as the most efficient and high quality method of trenchless sewer rehabilitation. Thanks to its Alphaliner technology, RELINE UV Group is the only provider in the world to offer a complete rehabilitation system with perfectly matched components:

  • The GRP hose liner Alphaliner with a unique design for a wide variety of rehabilitation requirements
  • The innovative UV curing technology
Alphaliner technology sets new standards

The perfect Alphaliner for every rehabilitation project

Every rehabilitation project has its own particular requirements. No sewer is like the other, nor two types of wastewater are comparable. The "one-size-fits-all" liner, which works for all applications, simply does not exist.

For this reason RELINE UV Group offers different variations of the Alphaliner for each specific situation.

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Wide range of application – from DN 150 to DN 2000

Every year, sewers with a total length of more than 900,000 metres are successfully refurbished worldwide with the Alphaliner. 

This makes it one of the world's leading UV-CIPP lining systems. The range of applications of the Alphaliner includes drainage pipes in the nominal diameter between DN 150 to DN 2000. Wall thicknesses of up to 20.5 mm can be hardened with pure UV light, and wall thicknesses of up to 30 mm can be hardened with the addition of peroxide. This makes the Alphaliner unique for the refurbishment of large profiles.

Alphaliner-Produktion bei RELINEEUROPE
Alphaliner – Profiles

Extended service life thanks to GRP pipe liners

A large variety of technical Alphaliner variants including innovative UV curing technology offers optimal solutions for different areas of application for circular, oval, box and special profiles.

Sewer sections rehabilitated with the Alphaliner achieve an additional service life of 50 to 100 years thanks to the use of outstanding high quality materials.

Fast completion of job sites

The modern and innovative design of the Alphaliner and its complementary UV curing technology are the results of profound research and development, as well as many years of practical experience. The benefits achieved become particularly evident in the extremely short curing times and the corresponding fast completion of the job sites.

Whether on city roads with heavy traffic, on rough terrain in rural areas, during rehabilitation projects in confined spaces within factory buildings, or for projects in the mountains. To date, the Alphaliner has proven itself in rehabilitation projects in over 70 countries around the world.

Alphaliner - Fast completion of job sites

Optimised industry solutions

Especially the chemical resistance requirements are decisive when it comes to choosing the right Alphaliner. Industrial drainage water is generally far more aggressive than municipal wastewater. Therefore, the RELINE UV Group provides optimised sector-specific solutions for municipalities and industries, using different synthetic resin systems. 

Polyester resins (UP) are used in particular for the rehabilitation of municipal sewers, and high-strength premium vinyl ester resins (VE) are mainly used for rehabilitation projects in industry.

Two Alphaliner types for the ideal solution of rehabilitations projects

In the search for the ideal solution, both liner types, the Alphaliner500G and the Alphaliner1800H, offer further differentiation leading them to a perfect result in every rehabilitation project respectively.

Fast and cost-effective renovation of small- and medium-sized dimensions

Einbau Alphaliner500G mit DN 200 durch Diringer & Scheidel Rohrsanierung

The Alphaliner500G is ideal for a quick and efficient installation in small- and medium-sized sewers with a nominal size from DN 150 to DN 1300. This Alphaliner has an extremely high level of transparency of UV light and very good mechanical properties.

In combination with the UV curing system REE4000, its design enables high curing speeds of up to 2.46 m/min (e.g. for DN 700 in 4.4 mm), ensuring very cost-effective, safe and durable renovation of damaged and leaking pipes.

For highest structural requirements and the renovation of large profiles

Produktion eines Alphaliner1800H mit DN 1800

The Alphaliner 1800H has been designed to bear the highest static loads, while being a cost-effective system for rehabilitation of large sewer profiles, both circular and non-circular shape. It is built-up with perfectly matched raw materials, including a high strengthen and ultra-transparency ECR glass fibre. This ultra-transparent glass fiber enables a homogeneous and quick hardening process.

This new generation of materials, combined with high-quality resins, leads to unique technical properties. A liner pipe is created during the renovation, which is very resilient and also withstands extreme static and dynamic loadings.


Further detailed information about the Alphaliner

Clean, safe, fast — Alphaliner installation

Installation and curing the Alphaliner are characterised by uncomplicated handling and fast completion of the entire job site. Up to several 100 metres of sewer pipes can be renovated in one working day. The pipe is once again in service in hardly no time at all. Traffic congestion, noise and dust pollution caused by the job site are all significantly reduced.

Using Alphaliner for rehabilitation projects takes just a few steps:

  • Preparation of the hostpipe being rehabilitated using HD cleaning, possibly grinding work and subsequent camera inspection to assess the condition before relining.
  • Drag-in and installation of the Alphaliner: the Alphaliner is pulling into the host pipe with a cable winch. The drag-in is supported by a conveyor belt for big diameter liner as well as for thicker liner. With the incorporated protective sliding foil or the incorporated preliner, the Alphaliner is optimally protected from high mechanical loads during the pull-in process and can therefore be drawn into the sewer immediately after the high pressure cleansing. Using the camera integrated in the UV light source, the correct position of the Alphaliner should be checked prior to curing.
  • Curing the Alphaliner using an UV light source with special UV lamps. The curing process is monitored and documented online, by permanent measuring and recording all curing parameters.
  • Leak testing and taking a linersample for quality control
  • Completion: re-opening of laterals using a milling robot. Proper sealing of the liner to the manhole and leak tight re-connection of the Alphaliner to the side inlets.

Innovative design for many applications

Aufbau des GFK-Schlauchliners Alphaliner

  • UV light-proof, fabric-reinforced PVC outer protection, optionally as integrated sliding protection or integrated preliner.
  • Polymer film (PA) with styrene barrier function.
  • Load-bearing thickness of the composite structure consisting of ECR glass fibres for Alphaliner500G or for Alphaliner1800H. Formed out of wrapped pre-impregnated glass fibre layers.
  • Abrasion protective layer against highest chemical and mechanical loads.
  • Inner foil (PE/PA) as installation aid with styrene barrier (generally removed once curing is completed)

Materials of the highest quality, special ECR glass fibres and a resin receipt which is tailored for UV-curing are the bedrock of the Alphaliner design. The technology enables fast curing using an innovative UV-curing method and guarantees long-lasting quality of the final product.

With the Alphaliner technology, the RELINE UV Group offers a whole range of GRP CIPP hose liners which are optimised to comply the specific structural requirements of the host pipes, the quality of the wastewater as well as the given safety requirements. This large variety of technical options including suitable installation equipment enables perfect technically and cost-effectively solutions for every type of host pipes: circular, non-circular, square or special profiles in municipal wastewater sewers or industrial drainage systems.

The spectrum of use cases for the Alphaliner covers drainage pipes with nominal ranging from DN 150 to DN 2000 with wall thicknesses of up to 20.5 mm without peroxide or 30 mm with peroxide addition, which can be cured with pure UV light.

High quality thanks to a special production process

A key factor for a successful rehabilitation project is that the Alphaliner has been evenly impregnated along its entire length. In order to achieve this, the glass fibre complex is pre-impregnated with resin in a special process before the liner itself is produced.

Alphaliner | High quality thanks to a special production process

As soon as the required resin viscosity has been reached, the resin impregnated glass fibre compound is wound into a seamless hose in an endless continuous production process. The glass fibre is applied directly to the inner film, which is only used as an installation aid. This winding process enables the production of hose liners in theoretically unlimited individual lengths. In practice, Alphaliners are manufactured with individual lengths of up to 600 metres.

Homogeneous stretching

As there is no seam, the Alphaliner can expand far flexibly and homogenous when inflated with compressed air. Due to deliberate undersizing, the Alphaliner always expands close-fit to the host pipe wall. Its distinctive sandwich design enables the production of different types of liners, each with individual, precisely defined properties. 

Defined protective wear layer for long-lasting rehabilitation

The Alphaliner has a unique protective wearing layer, which is defined in terms of its thickness, on the interior surface of the liner, thereby complying with the requirements of DWA-A 143-3 and DIN EN ISO 11296-4. The Alphaliner's protective wearing layer does not count as part of the composite wall thickness (the part of the composite liner wall which is structurally relevant). The Alphaliner500G is made of a particularly stable, resin-saturated glass nonwoven with a thickness of at least 0.3 mm. The Alphaliner1800H consists of a resin-saturated high-quality polyester fleece with a thickness of minimum 0.5 mm.

This protective wearing layer is at least twice as thick as the abrasion resistance established by the Darmstadt Tipping Trough Trial and protects the Alphaliner against mechanical wear and stress, e.g. during high-pressure flushing. The Alphaliner has a lot of very high safety reserves ensuring a long service life of typically at least 50 years and more.

Economical and safe: Alphaliner with integrated sliding protection and integrated preliner

All Alphaliners are incorporating the integrated protective sliding foil or optionally the integrated preliner. This increases a speedy completion of rehabilitation projects and the safety during the installation process.

The integrated protective sliding foil fulfils an important task. It prevents the outer shell of the hose liner from contacting against the host pipe surface when it is pulled in. Depending on its size and weight, the liner material is exposed to considerable frictional forces. Even small bumps or sharp-edged obstacles, which may still be present despite careful preparation of the host pipe with milling robots, can damage the outer shell and thus impair the functionality of the hose liner.

The Alphaliner with integrated preliner also offers additional protection against contact of the hose liner with water. This all-around protection prevents the resin from contacting against water if the outer skin is damaged. 

The Alphaliner with integrated protective sliding foil has an additional, stable outer film in the lower area that is firmly welded to the hose liner. In the variant with an integrated preliner, the hose liner is completely equipped with an additional outer shell.

The Alphaliner technology has been awarded the following certification:


Alphaliner - DIBt-ZulassungGermany:

  • DIBt cert. Z-42.3-447


  • QUIK cert. no. 2010-05-4422-04, 2011-09-5623-05 and -06


  • CSTB no.: 17/16-321


  • Danish Control Ordnance / CVR no.: 19342085

Great Britain:

  • WRc Certificate PT/332/0612
  • WRc Assessment Schedule

Certified quality management:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 AT09/0303

Alphaliner Brochure

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