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Philipp Bergmann joins the RELINEEUROPE team as new Area Sales Manager
Philipp Bergmann joins the RELINEEUROPE team as new Area Sales Manager

Since 01 July 2022 Philipp Bergmann, new Area Sales Manager of RELINEEUROPE expands the sales team of Philipp Martin, Sales Director Europe in the German-speaking region.

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Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions! Here we present our virtual showroom where you can find our new products and developments.

Trade fairs and events with the participation of the members of the RELINE UV group.
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Trade fairs and events with the participation of the members of the RELINE UV group.



The RELINE UV Group is one of the leading manufacturers of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies. 

With proven expertise and many years of experience in the field of UV light-curing glass-fibre reinforced pipe liners, the companies in the Group provide customised system solutions: from the CIPP liner, with which the Group is a global leader in the rehabilitation of large diameter sewers in particular, to UV technologies, which includes the world's most powerful UV curing system, all the way to technical support and services – and all around the world. 

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The Alphaliner CIPP liner

UV light curing of GRP pipe liners has established itself as the most efficient and high quality method of trenchless sewer rehabilitation. Thanks to its Alphaliner technology, the RELINE UV Group is the only provider in the world to offer a complete rehabilitation system with perfectly matched components: The GRP hose liner Alphaliner and the innovative UV curing technology.  

Sewer sections rehabilitated with the Alphaliner achieve an additional service life of 50 to 100 years thanks to the use of outstanding high quality materials.

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RELINE UV-Gruppe - GFK-Schlauchliner Alphaliner
RELINE UV-Gruppe - UV-Technologien für die UV-Aushärtung


The success of a renovation project with glass fibre reinforced (GRP) CIPP liners largely depends on the technologies employed.

With the Alphaliner, the globally present RELINE UV Group is a leader in the field of trenchless sewer rehabilitation using UV light curing. As the only manufacturer of GRP liners, the RELINE UV Group also develops and produces complete systems and equipment, from UV curing systems all the way to complete turn-key of renovation and service vehicles.

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Only once the Alphaliner has been installed successfully at the job site, the product hose liner is completed. The RELINE UV Group has set up a unique Total Quality Management System (TQM), which is unparalleled in this sector of industry. It includes the monitored and controlled management of quality along the entire value chain – beginning with the raw material all through to the fully cured Alphaliner, installed at the job site. 

The TQM is the bedrock for unvarying and high quality in all of RELINE UV-Group's production areas. The qualified installation companies are fully integrated in our TQM system.

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RELINE UV-Gruppe - Qualitätssicherung als oberstes Prinzip


The fast-paced world requires to continuously evolve knowledge, in particular in business. The technical and normative developments in sewer and pipe rehabilitation make it difficult to stay up to date. Therefore the RELINE UV Group has developed a hands-on basic and further training offering for trenchless sewer rehabilitation, focusing on UV-cured hose liners and UV technology.

To support the partners of the RELINE UV Group in keeping up with the newest technological and standardization developments in the market, a hands-on further education and training program was created, focusing specifically on trenchless sewer rehabilitation.

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